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Myrtle Rust is an emerging threat to biodiversity in Australia and is spreading throughout the east coast from Queensland to Victoria and beyond. Myrtle Rust is highly infectious and its spread has already gone beyond eradication and containment into impact management and research.

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) is working with the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) and researchers from QLD and NSW to develop a national volunteer monitoring network for myrtle rust.

The volunteer monitoring network will gather information on distribution, hosts and impact severity over time in locations spread across Australia as part of the national effort to mitigate potential impacts of the disease.

Led by DAFF this network pilot project will utilise and demonstrate many of the tools linkages that ALA are developing including web-based reporting, mapping, disease information and identification and virtual herbarium for host identification.

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If you would like to help us better document the spread of Myrtle Rust then please register today.

About this Site

This site contains information to help all communities identify regions where myrtle rust has been found and can give advice on what activities to undertake to avoid the spread of infection.

If you are able to carry out myrtle rust surveys this site will help you record and manage your findings and share them with the wider environmental management community.

If you see myrtle rust while enjoying any other outdoor activities such as bush walking or mountain biking then you can record and share your observations and experiences with others using this site and help to build our communal and scientific knowledge of this emerging threat.

If you would like to help us better document the spread of myrtle rust then please register today.

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Category 1: Low Levels of Infection Young Leaves Category 2: Moderate Levels of Infection on Young and/or Old Leaves Category 3: Heavier Levels of Infection on Young and Old Leaves Category 4: Major Levels of Infection on Young and Old Leaves Category 5: Dieback of all Young Leaves Rhodamnia Myrtle Rust Infection